Thursday 14 April 2011

First American Review

Alchemists, gypsies, Puritans, sleep-walking women, clandestine Catholics, and necromancers...  what's not to love in Kathleen Herbert's Moon in Leo?

The opening sentence of this gutsy, fresh review tells you that this is a lively American voice- no fingertips-together, prissy, over-the-top-of-the-gold-rimmed-spectacles comments from Nan Hawthorne!

She goes on to say: 

 I will be honest and admit I knew precious little of what was going on with the average English person during the Restoration.  I am afraid one demerit of historical novels is their tendency to focus on nobility too much of the time, giving the reader an unrealistic view of everyday life.  Rosamund and her family are hardly average, but they have enough distance from Court to give one a sense of what was really going on.  The paranoia about plots and insurgencies exacerbated by a king who was basically asking for it, was revealed in this novel while the paranormal romance is entertaining the reader.

Read the whole review here, and comments on the genre- specifically Romantic vs Literary Fiction, here


  1. How did you know one of my favorite descriptions of my writing is "gutsy"? I did thoroughly enjoy the book. I hear Herbert wrote about early Britain too. I hope to see those books republished also.

    Nan Hawthorne

  2. I tell it like it is Nan! ....and yes- we hope to publish new editions of Kathleen Herbert's Cumbrian/Northumbrian Trilogy this year, as well as a Kindle edition of Moon in Leo

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