Wednesday, 31 October 2012


My first post for several weeks!

The really great news I want to share is that  Cumbria Libraries have added Moon in Leo to their Book Groups' Reading List, so I am planning a series of questions for reading groups.

After a summer (I use the term loosely) of other things, I have come back to blogging and writing. We are planning visits to schools and libraries to promote The Boy with Two Heads. Author Julia is offering readings and workshops free for the remainder of this year, and as her publisher, I am offering a prize for excellent pieces of creative writing by students following a visit and reading. I look forward to posting students' writing on this blog.

Mike and I visited our grandson's school in Swindon, and read passages from Julia's book. We had a wonderful welcome and enjoyed the lively debate and interest.

We received an amazing thank you in the form of a beautiful hand made card with messages from all the pupils in Tracy's class. I want to share this with you, and say a big thank you to Tracy and her class of fab kids.


I love the way so many elements of the book are represented here- the bolt of lightning and the boy's pain, and the time that separates boy and girl. I also like the fact that they have researched how to say "Thank you" in Greek