About Us

Information about Trifolium Books UK

We are a small family publishing firm, based in North Cumbria. We published our first book in February 2011, and have just published our third. During 2013, we intend to publish Kathleen Herbert's earlier novels as the Northern Kingdoms Trilogy.

We try to retain the best practices of traditional publishing while embracing new technology and the spirit of independence born of that technology. We have enough projects in hand to last us for the rest of 2013 and beyond. So at the moment, we are not accepting further submissions.

Proprietor: Connie Jensen   Contact: books@trifolium.co.uk

Why Trifolium?
The name comes from the Latin for clover. My hallmark, registered at Goldsmith's Hall, London, consists of my initials in a trefoil, or cloverleaf shape. The hallmark is recognised world wide as a guarantee of quality; Trifolium represents my personal pledge of quality.

Why another new publisher?
My research into the current state of the book industry, including extensive correspondence with writers and agents, convinced me that mainstream publishing does not use quality as its main criterion when selecting MSs to publish: big publishers are very reluctant to take risks; they have massive overheads, small profits and an unwieldy traditional model. This means they often make huge advances to famous authors; publish a run of expensive hardbacks, most of which end up remaindered; and only begin to make a profit when they sell thousands of paperbacks.

Books by celebrities and authors who are household names are snapped up, but unknown or minority interest books are generally ignored, however good they are.

Parallel to the problems with main scale publishing, there has been a huge growth in the self publishing/indie publishing industry (interestingly reflecting what has been happening in the music industry). (More about the indie author and publishing movement in April L Hamilton’s excellent book: the indie author guide)

Small wonder then, that many writers are bypassing the traditional trunk road and beating their own paths. Trifolium Books was set up to help one writer on her path, and continues to offer a route to publication  for others.