Saturday 15 March 2014


Hercules killing the hundred headed HydraI have been absent from this blog, and from Trifolium Books, for far too long. Family affairs, my own writing, and my involvement with two local Wigton organisations: the Fountain Gallery and the John Peel Theatre, have consumed nearly all my time for the last five months.

I sometimes have the feeling that emails and paperwork are a sort of hundred headed Hydra monster- deal with one and another hundred spring up in its place. Flag another email and it simply pushes the other important emails down the list! I was well on my way with this post yesterday when just such an ugly head popped up. I chopped away with a will, and finally I am back here!

The first book of the Northern Kingdoms Trilogy is back in my sights and from today, I aim to proof-read at least 10 pages a day until it is done. The cover is nearly ready, and I am about to draw the name of the person who gets the prize of the first copy off the press. (Reminder of what that was all about here)

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