Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I have never been good with numbers- I am more of a word person- but I am by no means proud of my "number blindness", and have never been able to understand why some people think it's OK to be innumerate, as long as you aren't illiterate. Because of my inability to "see" numbers, I usually cut and paste them, which is what I did- or at least it's what I think I did- with the ISBN for The Boy with Two Heads when I designed the fliers. However, I got one digit wrong, leading to at least one problem when somebody tried to order it in a bookshop, using the ISBN, only to be told the book didn't exist!

So- if you have got a flier for The Boy with Two Heads:- destroy it!

The correct ISBN is:

My very humble apologies!!

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  1. Damn! If it's any comfort, I once designed several thousand pieces of promotional packaging with the wrong barcode on them. I then went on holiday and was mortified when I came back to find that the poor, lovely staff had been over-stickering everything :(