Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The Boy with Two Heads by J M Newsome

A time-slip novel about the Ancient Olympics

ISBN: 978-0-8568104-4-1

According to Amazon, The Boy with two Heads is out of stock, but I've got a stack of them and sold a couple within half an hour of unpacking the boxes! Also according to Amazon, the publisher is unknown. Here in my small corner I am jumping up and down shouting "It's me! It's me" but evidently they haven't heard me. I shall put them right, just as soon as I have finished writing this post, but in the meantime you can order from Amazon, or any bookshop for that matter. What their listing means is that they have had the information from Nielson that the book is published. However, what really tickles me is the assertion that you there is a "used" copy available- the mind really and truly boggles!

As Amazon hasn't managed to come up with a cover image yet, here is what they look like:

The bright blues of Greece make an interesting contrast to Cumbria's greens

A stack of copies with Trifolium Books' Head Office in the background

 Just in case you can't see the fells clearly, this is what they looked like in the sparkling early morning light: 

About the book

It all starts in Athens.
In 432 BC, they think Themis is dead. Suzanne, who is on a school trip in 2010, is drawn through thousands of years to keep him alive. Will Themis’ destiny be death or glory in the Games of the 87th Olympiad? Will Suzanne regain control of her life, or will her mind be occupied forever by the past, while her body lies in hospital in present-day Cumbria?

“This book transported me effortlessly back to ancient Greece, vividly evoking its sights, sounds and even smells. And I found that young people’s issues have hardly changed in 2,400 years!”
Marion Clarke, fiction editor

“A wonderful story which brings the ancient Olympics to vibrant life and links them to contemporary young people. You can almost smell Greece, and there is a lovely equivalence of teenage feelings and humour, then and now. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t realize how much I had learnt until after the enthralling climax.”
Philippa Harrison, former Managing Director of Macmillan and Little Brown UK

Read more about this novel on the author's blog: 

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