Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paths of Exile goes digital

Paths of Exile is now available as an ebook on both Smashwords and Amazon. Both Paths of Exile, and
Moon in Leo are now $7 dollars and just under a fiver in UK money!

I came across this American review of Paths of Exile:

First, don't be fooled by the apparent length of this may be just over 200 pages but it's very small print and very large pages. Consider it a 350 or so pages! I say this, because it took me a while to get into the story and since it seemed so short I was ready to give up after 20 pages. Stick with it, the names are terribly confusing at first, some different by only a couple of letters, and the places, though less confusing, still managed to throw me off.

Well- this edition has smaller pages, bigger print and a lot more guidance in the way of character lists, detailed maps and notes on placenames, to say nothing of a much better cover, just in case you were wondering why you should buy the new edition. The e-book is essentially the same, and on most e-readers, you can alter the print size to suit you. And it's half the price of the print edition. Having said all that- what are you waiting for?

The American reviewer goes on to say:  

this is a terrific historical novel, obviously written by some one who knows what they are talking about and not just researching a book. (The author is a historian that specializes in 7th century Britain) The details of places, people, behaviour and way of life are fascinating and really add to the story.

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