Monday, 20 June 2011

Latest News: New Book Out in July; Free Ebook at End of June!

I have been dropping hints recently- I can now announce that Trifolium Books' next publication is to be Paths of Exile by Carla Nayland. This is a reprint, with a new cover, revised and expanded maps and extra features including a character list and information I hope to be able to post a preview of the new and gorgeous cover design before the end of June. Just to whet your appetite, the picture below shows Carla's design for one element in the cover. 

Paths of Exile was Editor's Choice, Historical Novels Review, August 2009.

... a wonderful story, one that conjures up this long-gone age in extraordinary detail and reveals a profound understanding of its politics, cultures, and religions based on extensive research. It may be true, as Nayland admits, that “solid facts are rare indeed in 7th-century Britain”, but these characters—some real, others pure fiction—are so solid and credible that they will stay with you long after you turn the last page....
Full review on the Historical Novel Society website

-And a reminder: Moon in Leo is available as a free download on 29th June

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  1. Sounds FABULOUS! Looking forward to that one...