Monday, 16 May 2011

Every copy a wanted copy!

Print on Demand is a great way to publish books. As there is no warehousing, and no minimum print run, there is no wastage of space or precious resources, and no trees are pulped unnecessarily.

We now have a mere handful of copies of Moon in Leo left, and are hoping there will be enough to take to our book reading on 27th May. It is evident from the cryptic notes on Amazon (only 2 copies in stock) that they order two or three at a time, as do most bookshops.

The downside to this model of publishing however is that you pay for what you get, and there are no economies of scale. Because of this, Moon in Leo, as a long book, is more expensive than say an even longer Ken Follett: the publisher knows Ken Follett will sell tens of thousands and therefore the old fashioned publishing model works.

This is where the ebook comes in! We have now released Moon in Leo as an ebook in multiple formats on Smashwords. You can buy direct from the site now, or wait a little while to order from Amazon, Sony, the Apple i-store, Barnes and Noble etc. I am pleased to say that the ebook is half the price of the paperback. I hope more folks will now be able to afford it.

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  1. Keep checking the blog- when MiL is posted on Amazon, I am going to have a free download day!