Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Cover is Finished!

Thanks to designer Kate, who has done a superb job! This cover says so much about the book. The photograph was taken at dusk, looking across the Leven Sands from Furness to Cartmel, where several important scenes take place. We had been about to return home after a successful day photographing some of the locations in the book- tracing heroine Rosamund's footsteps. I wanted one last picture of Leven Sands, because my earlier photographs were taken when the tide was in. The sun was setting, the was light magical, and as I set up the camera, I was transported back in time as a rider emerged onto the sands. I had an eerie sense that Rosamund herself was present.
We are on track for a launch date of 14th February. You can ask your local bookshop to stock it- details below- or order it direct from us. Please leave your details on the secure form to the right of this post, or phone to ensure you get one of the first copies.

Moon in Leo by Kathleen Herbert ISBN 978-0-9568104-0-3 published by Trifolium Books UK

The price in bookshops will be £11.99; you can buy direct from us at £9.99 + p&p

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